Self-Energized Pole-House Is Portable, Quake-Proof, And Made From Scraps

Categories: Solar Power

Bryce Langston, A Tiny House Builder, recently said, "Imagine a home in the clouds with spectacular 360° views which can be completely controlled by voice and your smart phone. The Skysphere is fully solar powered and packed with features you won’t believe."

Located in the hills in Palmerston North, New Zealand, this unique home is the brain child of a man whose passion for mechanical engineering and fully sustainable homes, led him to build this!

When Jono Williams began this project, he didn't even know how to weld.  But where there is will there is a way, and Jono was to pick up the skills he needed to build his home.  He estimated that easily spent over 3,000 hours building the Skysphere.

8mm steel construction means the Skysphere is designed to withstand magnitude 8.5 earthquakes, as well as extremely high wind speeds. The main living area is accessed via a ladder in the central cylinder, and whilst it’s quite a climb, it’s undeniably worth the effort.

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