So It's Winter, and A Hot Tub Sounds Fantastic! But...

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When winter strikes, there's nothing quite as exciting for winter fun as to jump in the hot-tub and pass the time.  And throughout much of the year, you can find hot tubs being given away for free to someone willing to go pick it up.  Why is that?  Well the fact is, if you run your jaccuzzi through the winter months, you might be paying... Surprise!  an extra $300-$500 on your electric bill!  Holy smokes Batman!  So when you plan to install a jacuzzi, it might look appealing, but know you're in for a surprise on the utilities... unless you decide to find a better solution.  This is why a wood-fired hot tub is soooo appealing!  For some this is a good solution, but if you live in south Florida, who wants to stoke firewood in a fire when it's pretty warm out year round?  Check out what these guys had in mind for some free energy to heat the tub.... after that, you can take your money and go buy a new solar-powered car or homestead land in the Wilderness!

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