Soil Lamp that Runs on Mud

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This Lamp Runs on Mud.

Designed by Marieke Staps, a designer currently based in Tilburg the Netherlands. In 2008 she graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven in the department Man & Activity.

Her work is inspired by technique and craftmanship. But sometimes the smallest things in life can also be an inspiration to her work.

Her way of working is to start big with all the imagination she has. The starting point is almost impossible. Then she takes up the challenge and creates functional and clear design.

Her Motto 'Challenge yourself to inspire others' 

Free and environmentally friendly energy forever and ever.

The lamp runs on mud. The metabolism of biological life together with the chemical reaction of copper and zinc produce enough electricity to keep a LED lamp burning.


The mud is enclosed in various cells. These cells contain copper and zinc that conduct the electricity. The more cells there are, the more electricity they generate.

This technique offers a wealth of possibilities. The only thing that the lamp needs is a splash of water every now and then.

found here http://www.mariekestaps

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