Off Grid Saltwater Battery Can Power Home for 10 Years!

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The batteries allow the user to have a more steady supply of solar power and to store all energy that comes in throughout the day, none of it to go to waste. The batteries provide power during storms and outages, and can weather almost any storm.

Aquion Energy has developed a non-toxic off-grid solar battery that can last a household over 10 years! The salt water powered Aspen Solar batteries can handle daily use and require literally zero maintenance. The batteries can handle up to 3,000 full cycles, or 3,000 days and nights.

According to CNBC,  will cost a consumer $1,000 to $3,000 dollars. I could not find a price on their website, but they do have10 dealers across the US. The greatest competition for this battery are lithium ion batteries, but those are made of toxic materials that pollute the environment. Lithium Ion batteries are also flammable, whereas the Aspen Solar Battery is non-flammable. Watch the company try to set their solar batteries on fire here.

In fact, Aspen Solar Batteries are the first batteries ever to receive the  Cradle to Cradle Certification™.  This means the batteries are made of sustainable materials and utilizes sustainable manufacturing practices. No only are they environmentally friendly, but they are safe for your home. They will not corrode and there are no chemicals to leak.

This new design can be discharged down to 90%, allowing consumers to use all of the power harnessed.  Lead batteries will not tolerate being discharged to less than 50%. This depth of discharge in the Apen Solar battery allows you to use a smaller battery bank than you would need in a lead acid battery bank.

Will you be purchasing one of these batteries for your home?

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