Powered By A Green Roof- Really? Yes, Plant Power Is Here!

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Do you want to use your green roof to power your house? Imagine that each wetland and rice paddy field in the world could be used to generate power without harvesting the plants? Plant-e is a company that develops and produces products in which living plants generate electricity.


Imagine that the green roof on your home would help store water, insulate, produce Oxygen, grow food, and generate half of the electricity needed for your household!  


The company was founded on September 14, 2009 as a spin-off from the sub-department of Environmental Technology of Wageningen University by Marjolein Helder and David Strik. Since her PhD-graduation in November 2012 Marjolein is working full-time as CEO of Plant-e. David works as an assistant professor at Wageningen University and still is an important link between scientific research and the research and development at Plant-e.

Imagine that every plant everywhere could be generating electricity to power the community!


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