Solar Water Filter For Safe Drinking Anywhere!

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More than 1 billion people globally lack access to safe drinking water. Parabosol is a portable solar powered water treatment system for use in remote areas. The system purifies water by using parabolic mirror that boils water at a temperature up to 400 Celcius degrees. Additional filtration is done by sand filter and by carbon filter.

First sand filter catches the sand particles and then the carbon filter is used to remove odor dissolved gases from water. Between the two filtrations, the sand filtered water collected in water container within a focused parabolic mirror where purification is made. Steam coming from the tank behind parabolic mirror condensate in bronze spine placed above carbon filter. The system consists of one contaminated water container, one purification container and two clean water container.

Parabosol can clean up to 170 liters of water in a single use. Project is developed to equalize the access to drinking water, which is a basic human right.

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