One Of The Greatest Innovations To Hit The Kitchen This Century!

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Homebiogas is transforming the off grid living concept when it comes to fire in the kitchen!  Their Indigogo campaign met funding goals on day one, which shows the concept to be not only desireable and functional, but very affordable!  Now that their campaign is winding down to its end, last minute responders are coming in droves to take advantage of the pre-retail pricing!  

How beneficial would it be if everyone used food waste and kitty litter to make cooking fuel, and to power the heater in the home?  We could soon be living in a world with No Fracking Required!

Here, watch this:

With the campaign winding down to the final hours, be sure to click here on the Indigogo link, and see all about it.  You can get one for under $1,000.00 for just a while longer!


Did I say that the campaign was almost over?  They will sell for $1500 after it's done!  Be sure to get one today with only hours left on the ticker, it's still under $1000.00!  Click here on the Indigogo link to learn more and get yours!

If you miss the Indigogo opportunity, get one here at

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