Tapping Volcanoes: Iceland Leads The World In Large Scale Geo Thermal Innovation

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When it's winter, and there's lots of snow outside, and I walk into my warm wood-stove heated house, and then I walk over to my cold freezer in a warm house and get some ice from it, I am always faced with the strange paradox that I have a cold box in a hot-house when it's cold outside.  I feel the waste in the form of an electric bill, while I always think... why don't I just have a fan and pipes to the outside air?  

It's a similar premise on a large scale that we recognize that the sun heats the air, which goes up and down in temperature on a daily basis, while the earth below maintains temperatures much like those preferred by the human body.  All-the-while, deeper within the earth are temperatures that are warmer, even hot... produced by magma, or by hot water below the surface, and these can be tapped for their energy producing capacities in a number of ways.  

Iceland is building infrastructure to capture these geo-thermal energies, and learning creative ways to do so.

And the world is watching to see how it goes!

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