French Mansion Unlocked After 110 Years!! (video)

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A French mansion was sealed as a time capsule for more than a 100 years after the last owner, a property developer called Louis Mantin, decided to have it sealed up after his death for a century.  It offers a rare chance to actually step into 19th century bourgeois French life.

Curators say the Maison Mantin in Moulins, central France offers an amazing glimpse into turn-of-the-century France in all its grandeur and strangeness.
No one knew exactly what lay behind the imposing 19th century mansion's locked doors and shuttered windows, and it had been the subject of curiosity & discussion for decades.

Some believed that its' wealthy and eccentric former owner, Louis Martin had hidden a bizarre collection of human skeletons among its many rooms.  It was closed shortly after his death in 1905 and was left shrouded in a gentle blanket of dust.  Nothing stirred for more than a century, except the woodworm and rats.... and possibly a ghost or two.


Shall we have a look inside?....

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