Florida Votes To Reduce Costs Associated With Solar Panels

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Since I now call myself a Floridian, I have had no shame in leading the march to tell the world that Florida has sunshine, but no solar panels.   I look for homes to do stories on, and they are far and few between.  I am proud to announce that the Sunshine State is making a move to reduce costs associated with solar installations.  On August 30, the yes or no vote will be to amend the Florida State Constitution to prevent solar panel installations from increasing taxable value on a property.  Basically, property assessments will overlook the solar panel part of the home's value when considering taxation amount.  

The bill reads:  

"Senate Joint Resolution A joint resolution proposing amendments to Sections 3 and 4 of Article VII and the creation of Section 4 of Article XII of the State Constitution to authorize the Legislature, by general law, to exempt the assessed value of a solar or renewable energy source device from the tangible personal property tax, to authorize the Legislature, by general law, to prohibit the consideration of the installation of such device in determining the assessed value of residential and nonresidential real property for the purpose of ad valorem taxation, and to provide effective and expiration dates. Be It Resolved by the Legislature of the State of Florida: That the following amendment to Sections 3 and 4 of Article VII and the creation of Section 34 of Article XII of the State Constitution are agreed to and shall be submitted to the electors of this state for approval or rejection at the next general election or at an earlier special election specifically authorized by law for that purpose: ARTICLE VII FINANCE AND TAXATION SECTION 3. Taxes; exemptions.— (a) All property owned by a municipality and used exclusively by it for municipal or public purposes shall be exempt from taxation. A municipality, owning property outside the municipality, may be required by general law to make payment to the taxing unit in which the property is located. Such portions of property as are used predominantly for educational, "   You may continue to read here.  




This is a great move in the right direction.  When it comes to getting things on the ballot these days, I am a big fan of not only energy improvement opportunities, but also of tax simplification, maximizing property ownership rights and usage privileges, and making sure that there is no capitalism in local or national government.  If it was on the ballot that all fines and infractions funding will go back to the public in a future tax reduction, how many do you think would vote yes?  Somebody get to work on that too please!  

Why do you think that people go to jail for crimes instead of a free trip to an island in Malaysia to start over?  Prisons make big money at our expense!!  Capitalism in the prison system, in local city, county, state, and national government will soon see a reckoning.  A politician paid $200k per year to work for the citizens of a State.... who takes extra money to do the will of a lobbyist... is guilty of financial crimes against the citizens.  A mayor who receives a kickback for giving a road construction job to a particular company... same thing.  The people of a nation must get involved to be sure that they are not controlled by those who are elected to serve. 

This vote in August could be the start of a trend of people who have a voice to use it to begin to reduce the burden of government upon themselves.  If we want to see change, get it on the ballot, and let the people vote, and watch change happen!  What would Benjamin Franklin Say

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