River Turbine: Environmentally friendly energy source.

Categories: Energy

This river turbine provides clean and renewable energy 24 hours a day and it's enough to power a home! Cost saving and efficient, Idénergie’s river turbine is a state-of-the-art innovation in clean technology. Equipped with multiple smart features, allowing it to function in a large number of rivers, the river turbine represents the future of renewables.

The river offers the best energy potential compared to other renewable sources of energy. Providing reliable and constant energy 24 hours a day,Idénergie’s river turbine can meet the electric needs of a residence by producing, at maximum capacity up to 12 kWh daily.

Easy to Install: Idénergie’s river turbine is delivered disassembled, making its transportation to the most remote areas easier and facilitating its installation on site, requiring only two peopleand a few hours to be completed.

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