When Your Electric Bills Fall To Zero.... Ahhh! (video)

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The housing collapse hit Florida probably harder than anywhere back in 2007, so it's no wonder it has taken a while for Solar to pick up steam.  Considering the decreases in costs of solar installations the past few years, it's pretty much a no-brainer for new construction.  But where is all the new construction?  

Florida continues to see a lot of homes on the market, so new construction isn't something to trifle with, and few developers are building.  So the addition of self-producing electrical systems like solar have been slow to Start in the Sunshine State.  It's not like the power companies are advertising it, and it takes a while to raise up a new generation of electricians As the who consider it status quo to put solar on every new home.  Costs continue to fall, however, and residents continue weave their way through the codes and system to make sure their dreams of zero energy bills come true....

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