Do DNA Devices Circumvent Power Line Hacking and dirty energy assaults?

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DNA is Dissipative Noise Attenuation. PxDNA and RxDNA are manufactured by Noble Electronics, Inc A unique system that reduces dirty electricity by turning it into heat (dissipation). Plugs into any standard AC outlet. Three prong. Is effectiveness reduced plugged into a two prong outlet?

"Electromagnetic pollution (EMP) falls into 4 categories that differ but are related. They include:

  1. power frequency (50/60 Hz) electromagnetic fields (EMFs)

  2. dirty electricity (DE): high frequency spikes on electrical wires (transients, harmonics, etc.)

  3. ground current and contact current problems (GC/CC): both 50/60 Hz as well as higher frequency events (similar to dirty electricity)

  4. radio frequency radiation: MHz and GHz range from wireless technology.

People react to some combination of the EMP I mention above and there are different ways of dealing with each of these problems.

The Graham Stetzer filters are designed to remove frequencies primarily in the 4 to 100 kHz range that ride on electrical wires. They do not affect ground current, the 50/60 Hz fields, or RFR. These filters can make a significant difference in health as our studies have shown.

However, the filters are NOT the complete answer for people with electrical hypersensitivity (EHS) if they are exposed to other forms of EMP.

If they live near cell phone antennas then they have to shield themselves from RFR. Some of this can come into the home along wires. Dave Stetzer and I measured this in Bermuda and found a radio station (103 FM) coming in through the wiring in a guest house where we were staying. We were able to measure it on a brass lamp next to my bed and also on my bed. When we unplug the lamp the radiation on the wire disappeared but we were still measuring RFR in the air from the radio antenna. We did these measurements because Dave is sensitive and he began to feel ill when he sat in a chair next to the lamp. The brass acted like an antenna because when we measured a different lamp the readings were much lower. So shielding a window, wall or roof may not eliminate the problem entirely if it is on the wire.

If people have serious ground current problems, the GS filters are not going to solve that either. The utility has to put the current back on the wire where it belongs."

The DNA product line is designed to reduce the Dirty Electricity (DE) that is commonly found on AC power lines. This DE is sometimes referred-to by engineers as, “noise”.

DE is energy (voltages and currents) flowing on the AC power lines that is of a higher frequency than the 50 or 60 Hz power frequency. DE is found, from, 100’s of Hz to the Mhz range.

These DE voltages and currents (flowing on the AC power lines) generate electric and magnetic fields that radiate into the spaces around the power wiring. It is these fields that people have reported sensitivity-to. Therefore by using devices like the DNA products, the voltages and currents of the DE, that are riding on the AC power lines, are reduced. This, then, brings about a reduction the the DE fields that the DE voltages and currents produce.

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