Cut Your Electric Bill in Half With This Air Conditioner Gadget

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Central Air Conditioner Pre-Cooling System

Cuts AC Energy costs by up to 30%

Installs in minutes with no tools

Eco Friendly: Reduce your carbon footprint

"one of the most cost-effective and simple ways to save energy"- Ed Begley Jr

Saves Energy – reduces the run-time of Air Conditioner compressor

Easy to Install – Plumbs to existing water source (garden hose or faucet) and wires up to the existing AC control wire. No programming required!

Automatic Operation – uses power from theAC’s existing 24 VAC thermostat control to operate (wiring instructions included)

Small Droplet Size – average 100 micron droplets allows for evaporation without over wetting surrounding areas

Low Water Usage – uses two 1.8 gallon per hour foggers (3 per system), and these operate only while the AC compressor operates.  I haven't been able to find this version, but here's a new type on the market!

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