Charge your phone with a home-made mud oven

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Tackling climate change is a global issue and in the run up to the UN climate change conference in Paris most of the world's countries have put forward proposals to do their bit. In the second of this series Roger Harrabin looks at the solutions to the emissions problem. How can the world meet the need for energy for a growing population without creating dangerous levels of CO2 emissions?

Roger travels to Malawi, one of the world’s poorest nations, where the energy crisis is about access to energy. How do you provide energy to people like these without adding to the climate problem caused by the rich getting rich? He looks at the solar revolution being driven by the falling costs of photovoltaic panels and he travels to Morocco to see a huge power plant at the cutting edge of solar technology. But will this all be enough, will we have to resort to removing CO2 from the atmosphere and is this even possible?


This is how to charge your phone with a mud oven. Examining the science, politics and solutions of climate change.

Posted by BBC World Service on Wednesday, November 25, 2015

(Photo: A mud oven that can be used to charge a mobile phone in Malawi)

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