So Yesterday I Set Out To Replace My Bulbs, And This Was My Adventure

Categories: Energy

It had been a while since I bought light bulbs.  There were enough of them in the house, and I've been working away from home for a while.  Many of them are really really hard to get to, so I just watched them burn out bit by bit with each trip home and back out to work.  I was really excited to see that my 14 year old had changed a few of the easier to get to ones, but there are at least 200 bulbs in our current home, and I would soon discover that over 70 of them had burnt out.  


I was excited when I saw all the LED lighting at Sams Club.  The 22.5 year warranty on bulbs really prompted me to think about which bulbs I didn't want to change again in the future.  But the fact that I'm in a leased house means I don't really want to spend too much on future tennants needs should we move out.  It is at this point that I realized a short conversation with the home owner is in order.  If he will give me a break for putting in long-life bulbs, is that helpful to him?   



I found myself torn between wanting to test the new lights, wanting to try enough of them to tell you all about my finds, wanting to save the environment from more mercury laden fluorescent bulbs, and the cost factor.


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