Babcock Ranch World’s First Solar Powered Town Under Construction In Southwest Florida

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Before we get into the story of the solar town going in, let's begin by learning about Babcock Ranch in this brief history:

The state of Florida is way behind on the solar powered train.  But all of that is about to change...

Kitson & Partners ushered in a new era of smart growth with the unveiling of Babcock Ranch, which – when completed – will be the most sustainable, most innovative and health-focused new town in the country. Located in southwest Florida, Babcock Ranch is not only the nation’s largest development currently underway, but it will also be the first town primarily powered by the sun.

Bordered by the 73,000-acre Babcock Ranch Preserve – the single largest land preservation acquisition in Florida history – and the 65,000-acre Cecil M. Webb Wildlife Management Area, Babcock Ranch comprises nearly 18,000 acres – roughly the size of Manhattan.

“Babcock Ranch will exemplify what it means to be a town of the future, offering residents a highly unique balance of the most technologically advanced infrastructure and amenities, with ready access to a rich natural environment and a true sense of community,” said Kitson & Partners Chairman and CEO Syd Kitson. “Less than a year from today, the first residents will be settling into a whole new way of life – one that is conscientious, engaging and connected. We are fortunate to have incredible partners who have worked with us from the ground up to build a town that will meet the diverse needs of families, employers, neighbors, businesses, surrounding communities and the natural environment for generations to come.”

Phase 1 - to be completed in 2017- will have a total of 1,100 residences.  The initial downtown district buildings will feature a state of the art wellness center, a market café, lakeside restaurant, educational facilities and an outdoor outfitters where residents and visitors can gear up to explore expansive lakes and an unparalleled trail system. 

When the town is completed, it will be filled with over 50,000 residences.

The FPL Babcock Ranch Solar Energy Center will supply the community and the broader region with 74.5-megawatts of clean, renewable power generated by the Florida sunshine. The 443-acre solar power plant will be located within the town and will keep Babcock Ranch on track to become the world’s first new town where solar energy production exceeds the total energy consumption from day one.

The Ranch has been underway since 2006 and as the largest development currently running, the Babcock Ranch provides the future of real estate will be smarter, greener, and healthier than ever before.

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