Aquion Energy Introduces 24-Volt Version of Industry-Leading Aspen Battery System

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Aquion’s Aspen batteries are simple to configure and install and require no maintenance. The batteries are abuse tolerant and can handle wide temperature ranges and being left at partial states of charge without degradation. Thousands of cycles and deep cycling capability means greater usable energy which results in competitive up-front costs and little or no maintenance costs.  There combination of performance, affordability, safety, ease of use, and sustainability make Aspen batteries ideal for solar energy storage systems.


Aquion's maintenance free battery is designed for long-duration daily deep cycling applications, with typical cycles ranging from 4-20 hours. Aquion’s Aspen batteries are modular building blocks that can be configured for a wide range of system sizes, from kWhs to MWhs. Aspen batteries offer a unparalleled combination of robust performance, safety, sustainability, and affordability.

They just released there newest version the Aspen 24S - 83 Battery.  This saltwater battery outperforms and outlasts traditional lead acid batteries.  They don't use heavy metals or toxic chemicals and are non-flammable and non-explosive.  This makes the Aspen batteries the safest and most sustainable battery in the world.  

The new product is designed for energy-intensive applications that use solar panels, such as off-grid solar-powered LED lighting, as well as small pumps and motors. It is also an ideal drop-in replacement for existing systems using 24-volt lead-acid batteries.  Traditionally, off-grid renewable energy systems that include energy storage have used lead-acid batteries, known for their toxicity and relatively short lifespan under deep cycling and partial state of charge usage – a common profile with solar-based systems. Aquion’s Aspen batteries offer a clean, sustainable, and long-lasting alternative that does not degrade from partial state of charge cycling.

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