Solar Shingles: A Roof That Generates Free Elelctricity

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Many homeowners are increasingly interested in taking control of their energy consumption by generating their own power with solar

This roof will pay for itself and also save you money on electric bills because it can produce electricity just like solar panels but unlike solar panels that look odd these a sleek modern and look better than any standard roof on the market.

As with traditional solar panels, the front-end cost is a stumbling block. Systems for typical 3,000 square-foot house can cost as much as $25,000, even though monthly electricity bills will be reduced. But cost calculations are very much location specific, depending on amount of daily sun, roof configuration and direction, and differences between local utility providers.

Two large manufacturers lead the field in this industry: Dow and CertainTeed. But new competitors include GAF and Corning, plus a slew of Chinese manufactures. How solar shingles are made is changing, as well, including the use of flexible glass, thin film, and hybrid solar/thermal options.








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