A DIY Steam Engine to Power Your Home

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Engines and Patterns

Gary has made patterns for both a 3” and 2” bore. The original castings were aluminum with pressed in cast iron cylinder liners.

Gary Hadden has designed and made patterns for some very nice small vehicle or launch engines in the 10-25 hp range. These are the typical Locomobile or Stanley type of a layout with a 90 degree crank and a double acting two cylinder engine. This makes them both self starting and impossible to balance at over 1000 rpm.

The heads use B&S poppet valves and Chevrolet hydraulic lifters. This makes for a compact engine with low clearance volume.

Three dimensional cam for infinite cutoff control forwards and backwards. The one disadvantage of this three-dimensional cam design is point contact with the cam follower. This can be improved at any time with engineering development work. The idea is basically very good. There is a chain and sprocket drive from the crankshaft up to the cam so that the camshaft is close to the heads.

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