Wind Energy Toy Kits For Teaching Our Children (video)

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Wind energy is everywhere!  So I'm always thinking... why don't I have turbines on my car?  On my roof?  On my golf cart?  In my yard?  Well maybe it's because as cheap as it is to build wind turbines, they're not really mainstream yet!  I mean, do you see them at Target?  At Walmart?  At Ace Hardware?  Plug-and-play?  Nope.... what's with that?  Just as soon as costs come down a little more with more general use application designs that mass produce enough to bring costs down,  I expect wind power will begin to dominate the planet.  
So while we're waiting, as long as the kids understand that there's energy in the air, and we can capture that to charge up the batteries, what better way to prepare them to be wise in the future?  Let's raise up another generation of inventors through the love of witty toys like this one...
Build a realistic wind turbine to harness power out of thin air. Wind is one of the most promising sources of clean, renewable energy available today. Wind energy has been used for centuries to pump water and crush grain in windmills, and is increasingly being used to generate electricity to power our modern world.

Assemble a wind turbine complete with electric generator and adjustable rotor blades. The blades are designed with complex aerodynamic curves to look and work like modern-day wind turbine blades. Conduct experiments with your wind turbine, including experiments to optimize its performance by adjusting the angle of the blades. Use the wind turbine to light up an LED and charge a rechargeable battery.  Use that battery to power custom-designed electric vehicles:



Convert the wind turbine into an electric fan by using the electric generator as a motor. Build three additional models with the parts included. During the experiments, you will learn the physics of force and motion as it applies to wind power technology. Learn how to measure and calculate the different forces acting on the rotor blades by breaking them down into vectors.

Discover how the sun makes the wind, providing us with an endless source of energy. Read about different types of wind turbines and windmills, and how wind energy can be used to power homes and electric cars. The full-color, 32-page manual offers illustrated instructions and scientific information.

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If you're not up for buying a kit, save some money, get creative and make your own!  Check this out.....


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