Sunlight, Solar, and Geothermal - Now It's Profitable To Be Wise

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The trend to use energy wisely, to create energy on the building instead of bringing it into the building, to use the temperature of the earth below the building reduce the energy needed to heat or cool the building.... is going mainstream not only to off-gridders and preppers, but now to businesses.

While countries around the world continue to design and manufacture goods that transform the way we get our energy, the costs continue to fall.  Commercial installations make more sense and pay for themselves faster than ever before.  It has gone from trendy to profitable to make your own power, and there is a merger of ideals between those who demand we care for the earth and those who must show profits... and profits can be made while the earth is cared for in these fantastic examples:



Darden Restaurant Support Center:

Lake Geneva Steamboat Company:  (Switzerland)

Narromine Cotton Farm:  (Wales Australia)

Ford Uses Wind Energy At Car Dealerships:

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