Light Bulbs That Work When The Power Goes Out!

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A couple years ago, one man ran a successful kickstarter campaign for LED light bulbs with built-in batteries.  Today those bulbs are in production and also on the market!  As more of them sell, the price will continue to fall, but the concept continues to help bridge the gap between main stream power supply and energy independence.

So your battery bank can be in your home, but it can also be inside every appliance.  The reduction in pricing recently in lithium batteries with increased Chinese production and direct sales has brought lithium directly to many products today.  It's exciting to see our homes become more storm resistant.  As all of our appliances begin to store energy, and home battery banks come down in price, the energy production power of solar and wind power will be much more stable as a power source.  The future is looking grand!

Watch and see how it works:  

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