When You Plan To Go Off The Grid, Here's Where To Start

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This is for both knowledge and preparation.  We all know the pitfalls of living in certain parts of the world.  If you live on the ocean, there is always the risk of Tsunami, battering winds from storms or hurricanes.  If you live on a fault, there are earthquakes.  If you live near a Volcano, you know there is a chance you will have to take-off in a hurry.  If you live in California, there are 100mph Santa Anna winds every year.  In the midwestern U.S. there are tornadoes and giant hail.  A meteor could come barreling at the planet and send a giant wave onto low-lying land at any given moment.  There are wars on-going around the world and the risk factors associated with potential wars and skirmishes.  

With so much potential out there, we all need to be prepared for the possibility that the power could go out in our home.  The good news is, that as long as you have gasoline, you car can act as a small generator.  But the fact is, most people don't keep any legitimate amount of fuel in storage.  We rely on our regular supply chain to quick access.  But what happens if that supply chain is interrupted?  How do you plan to protect your family?  

If you want to get back to this article in the future, use the key words from the title in the search such as "Power" or "Inverter."  This video does a good job of showing us not only how to set up for backup power, but what kind of inverter you'll want.  If you're working your way off the grid, the best place to start is with an inverter that will power your home in the event of an emergency.  So let's begin there.  Once you have the inverter, you have not only a backup source for power, but you will be prepared to move into the addition of solar panels and / or wind power to charge your batteries.

Here is a very technical oriented understanding of what will be required to begin the process of setting up backup power to your home.  If you plan to go off the grid, you must have a certain degree of electrical knowledge.  This is a good place to start:   

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