What Makes People Want To Live Off The Grid?

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"Hi my name is Ebelin and I'm doing a speech on living off the grid. I was wondering if you can answer some questions?"
"What personal problems or society problems would make people want to live off grid? How can living off grid help?"


My response:

The reason for our site is two-fold. Firstly, it highlights many of the circumstances in which people were born into places where there is no electricity. The internet has opened up the expanse of knowledge to better view and understand how others have survived without it today and in the past, as well as in various climates and cultures throughout history. We are taking that knowledge and putting it in one place for people today to learn from.

My perspective has shifted over the course of managing this page to perceive stick homes built in the U.S.A. as paper houses that are inefficient making the mainstream population rely heavily upon the power companies.  In many cases, should the power fail, living in such a home in Summer heat could be fatal.  We read those stories in the news every Summer.

Construction techniques that take advantage of properties that do not rely upon electricity make them far more efficient.

Super-efficient construction techniques, even if they cost a bit more, are worth the extra effort.  Then wind or solar power can be added to make them modern as well.



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