3 Simple Tips For Traveling Long Term On A Tight Budget (video)

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In this video, we share 3 surprisingly simple ways to travel long-term on a tight budget.

The cost of accommodation and eating out can really add up while you're travelling and can make it hard to travel as long as you want to. We're sharing 3 travel tips that can help you reduce or eliminate those costs altogether.

1) WWOOFing
WWOOFing is a work exchange program that allows you to volunteer on a farm in exchange for room and board.

Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms

2) Workaway
Workaway is another work exchange program similar to WWOOFing, except the volunteer opportunities are not limited to farms.


3) House Sitting
House sitting is another great way to reduce or eliminate your cost of accommodation while you travel. There are a few websites we've used, and one we recommend, and we've included links to all 4 house sitting websites below:

House Carers

Mind My House

Trusted Housesitters

Caretaker Gazette

We hope these tips help you reduce the cost of travelling so that you can travel where you want to go, for much less.

Not only are they great ways to travel on a shoestring budget, they're also great ways to meet new people and make lasting friendships. They also allow you to travel slowly and learn more about the places you visit as more of a resident than a tourist.

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