Rescuing The Past - An Old Pot Belly Stove

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This antique, Estate Oak, cast iron parlor stove was manufactured in 1893. The model is 'Hot Storm', and it was the 53rd unit off the line for that model, noted by a stamp on the underside of the nickel skirt.

It was rescued from an abandoned mine outside on Breckenridge Colorado in the 1970's. The mines in that area had been established in the early 1890's. It had been too heavy to carry out by horse and wagon, so they left the stove behind- like so many of the stoves of that era after the mining camps were closed.

When rescued, the stove was in deplorable condition as it had been subjected to the elements since the mines closure. It was purchased at an auction in 2014. Many of the pieces were broken. A cast iron welding expert has assisted in the repair.

It was completely disassembled and a cabinet sandblaster and wire brush were used to remove the rust. The decorative pieces were re-nickeled to honor the original finish.

A rust inhibitor coating was applied to each piece and then it was re-assembled. Due to the damage it suffered from the elements, it is meant to be used only as a decorative piece, to add a bit of American history to any home. This is a great conversation piece!

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