The Breakdown: How RV Solar Works (video)

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Excerpt from Gone With The Wyn's:  "We’re no “Solar Experts” but we practically have our PHD in Trial and Error.  When we take on a complicated subject, such as off-the-grid solar applications, we research online, call the manufacturers of the products and take in as much information as we possibly can.

When we first began researching solar power for our RV (about 6 years ago) we came across numerous resources that would go into overwhelming detail.  Maybe we understood the first paragraph or two but by the end we were completely exhausted and would go into information overload.  Learning how solar works has been a frustrating and enlightening experience for us over the years.

However, with all those years of research and experience we’d like to think we’ve gained a solid knowledge on most things solar related.  From this we do our best to share what we learn in a fun way that “Normal People” (not engineers or scientist but average Joes like ourselves) can understand.

So, if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed and confused about how RV solar works like we were just a few years back…this video is for you:"

Solar Gear they're working with:

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