Awesome New Trend: 9 Outdoor Preschools Opening Up In Seattle Parks!

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Preschool aged children in Seattle, Washington are trading traditional classroom preschool for a chance to spend time outdoors!  Tiny Trees Preschool in partnership with the Seattle Parks and Recreational department will teach young kids in 9 city parks beginning in September 2016.

According to the preschools founder Andrew Jay, anything that children can learn and do indoors they can do in a park.  Plus there are much more opportunities for learning out in the natural world.  Jay has developed an awesome set of outdoor teaching skills from his work with high school and middle school children in the Outward Bound program.

His new goal is to make outdoor learning much more mainstream!

“When I heard about outdoor preschools, how they can make it much more affordable for families and provide a rich, vibrant program for kids, I was really inspired,” Jay told the Good News Network. 

“Teaching preschool is pretty magical,” Jay said. “Instead of being a teacher pouring knowledge by the cupful into each student, you are helping each child collect raindrops of knowledge.”

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