Terraeden Biotecture Northern Rivers Build with Time Lapse Video

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After the success of the first build we did, we were ready to embark on the second experiment.

The build in Bundaberg was a stunning example of an Earthship inspired dwelling done on a very large scale with new materials adapted into its design for the climate. It then became time to do something simple on a very small scale. Something that people could replicate and expand upon after they were done participating in the workshop.

Let’s take a few steps back for a moment. I returned home to Nimbin after two and a half months of building. it was a fantastic thing to come home and reflect on the past workshop in all of its chaotic beauty. Not long after arriving, my landlord introduced me to her son who is a keen builder/dancer. For reasons of comedy he shall be affectionately named ‘Burt’.

Burt had been watching our progress and was fascinated with this type of building. We got to talking and thought ‘how cool would it be to do a small sub-tropic Earthship hut that we could bury completely in earth?!’, and that is exactly what we did! We didnt have much time to prepare. it was mid August and we needed to plan the entire build, advertise, go through applications and have it all ready by the beginning of November. It was going to be challenging yet sassy. Everything you want out of life. Finally the day came. All the material was onsite, all participants spoken for, all the curriculum set and ready, the food was all ordered so the fun was officially ready to start.

People started arriving in groups of two or more (the participants did well, communicating with each other for organisation and carpooling pre build). They all started making their way up the hill like hungry cows, searching for that one lonesome patch of grass. There were limited camping spots, so the arrangement was intimate. Everybody was very respectful of their neighbours space.

The build went off like milk in a hot car. Energy was high and laughter was loud.



Each day started off in the morning with local and organic breakfast put on by the boys from Levity Gardens. A lot of love and thought was put into those meals. Nutrition was a huge part of the entire experience. It kept people focussed, happy and productive. People tend to learn and perform better when they have a healthy gut.

The group would then file into the common area to be briefed for the jobs needed to be done for the day. This was conducted by Duuvy and Ian with the contribution of questions from participants and facilitators. This helped people get their heads around what was to happen for the day.

Just as stomachs and minds were filled with nutrition and information, the clan would then engage in a 30 Man group hug. This aligned everyone in foundation of the heart, thus making a harmonious worksite.



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