Mark Ruffalo: to be in Residence at Dickinson College

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Actor and activist Mark Ruffalo will be in residence at Dickinson College Monday and Tuesday to spend time on campus with students, with faculty, and to accept The Sam Rose ’58 and Julie Walters Prize for his environmental activism.

“What we’re looking for with this award is we bring these very effective environmental advocates to campus and have them meet with students, and basically inspire them to think about what they can do,” said Neil Leary, director of the center for sustainability education.

The goal for having Ruffalo on campus is to show students that they can have an impact on world they live in and how to get involved with different causes.

Throughout his stay at Dickinson, Ruffalo will sit in on classes, hold personal meetings with students and faculty, and take part in a special question-and-answer event: “An Evening with Mark Ruffalo,” Monday at 7 p.m. at the Anita Tuvin Schlechter Auditorium, 360 W. Louther Street.

Ruffalo is an Academy Award-nominated actor, and the founder of two environmental advocacy organizations that fight to protect and preserve clean water and promote clean energy.

“His work resonates so much with what our students are doing,” Leary said.

While in Carlisle, Ruffalo will be engaging students across topics and across campus, taking part in discussions with interns from the Center for Sustainability Education, the student workers ofALLARM, residents of the Treehouse and a group of student-leaders to explore Dickinson's initiatives in sustainability.

He’ll also be joining several classes over the course of his residency: 

  • "Theatre as a Social Exploration," with Professor of Theatre Todd Wronski
  • “Environment, Culture and Values,” with Professor of English and Environmental Studies Ashton Nichols
  • “Environmental Policy,” with Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies Heather Bedi
  • “Analysis and Management of Aquatic Environments,” with Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies Kristin Strock
  • “Advocacy Organizations, Social Movements and the Politics of Identity,” with Assistant Professor of Political Science Kathleen Marchetti 

With nearly a dozen events scheduled with students and faculty, and the campuswide event An Evening With Mark Ruffalo (see below), students and Ruffalo will be inspiring one another in countless ways.

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