A Lab Culture Grown From the Handprint of an Eight-Year-Old After Playing Outside

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A lab culture grown from the handprint of an eight-year-old after he came in from playing outside shows some pretty dramatic results as a number of different types of microbes growing rampantly in a TSA plate.

This is the coolest thing I have ever seen!

We all know our bodies are home to countless millions of bacteria and microorganisms, but without seeing them with our bare eyes it’s almost impossible to comprehend. This petri dish handprint created by Tasha Sturm of Cabrillo College, vividly illustrates the variety of bacteria found on her 8-year-old son’s hand after playing outdoors. The print itself represents several days of growth as different yeasts, fungi, and bacteria are allowed to incubate.

It’s safe to say almost everything you see growing in this specimen is harmless and in many cases even beneficial to a person’s immunity, but it just goes to show why we sometimes it’s good to wash our hands. Sturm discusses in detail how she made the print in the comments of this page

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