Would You Send Your Kids To School In The Wild? (Video)

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How would you feel sending your 18 month old to 5 year old to school in an open forest?  An open air all weather school in Germany has taken education to a whole new level.  It's called Waldkindergarten or Forest Kindergarten.  Waldkindergarten learning means being in an open unstructured setting, experiencing all facets of nature and wild life.

At least half of their day is spent in open air, where groups of children get very dirty and sometimes wet, climb and fall off trees, play with whatever there is to be found outside, explore, learn, and, through curiosity and fantasy, acquire a basic insight into, and understanding and respect for, the nature surrounding them.

Often split into two groups, 18 months to three years, and from three until schulreife, ready for first grade at six years old, and with little obvious direction from the teachers, children from both age groups in a Waldkindergarten combine their own choice of physical activity with quiet times.

As there are no proper toys available, they become more independent and motivated, their imagination and concentration is developed, and they learn to work, play and communicate with each other.

Parents drop off their kids in the morning and then the kids hike a mile to their schooling location for the day.  Everything happens in the forest including naptime! There are over 1000 kids in Germany and Switzerland that attend Forest Kindergarten.


Natural habitats are explored, wildlife, plants and trees inspected and discussed. Under guidance herbs, leaves and berries which have been found are tasted and teas brewed over an open fire, while as they pass through the seasons the children learn the sequences of time and nature, and a sense of place.

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