Do You Know What The Oldest Music in The World Sounds Like? (Video)

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Let's check out what is arguably the "oldest song in the world" — at least according to Youtube declarations — backed up by research. It comes from the ancient city of Ugarit (now called Ras Shamra), which is in current-day northern Syria. The musical notations were printed on tablets, and are estimated to be from 1400 B.C., making them around 3,400 years old.

Here's the same song (known as Hurrian Hymn No. 6) performed with a solo lyre and a more interpretive style by Michael Levy. Any piece of music can sound different depending on who performs it and what instrument they use.

What happened to hymns No. 1-5, you ask? According to the video's description, "Although about 29 musical texts were discovered at Ugarit, only this text, (text H6), was in a sufficient state of preservation to allow for modern academic musical reconstruction."

Interestingly, ancient Jewish wedding music from the Babylonian empire in 564 B.C. is fairly similar, or maybe it just sounds that way to modern ears? Here it's played on a replica 3,000-year-old lyre.

And then there's the Seikilos Epitaph (an ancient Greek melody complete with lyrics) that was found in a grave in Turkey. It's estimated to be around 2,100 years old.

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