Eustice Conway: Self Sufficient or Threat To Society?? A 16 Video Journey

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Conway's problems with the North Carolina Building Code Council quickly gained notice of state officials. The North Carolina General Assembly[13] stepped in, proposing an exemption to building code requirements for primitive structures.[14] Both the state's House and Senate voted unanimously to pass H774.[15] The bill was signed into law by Governor Pat McCrory on June 12, 2013. This ordeal was described in a Fox News special War on the Little Guy, hosted by John Stossel.

Conway has three siblings: Walton, Judson, and Martha.  

After watching all of that, I challenge each of us to come up with solutions to our problems.  I forsee the need to reward lawmakers for their ability to clean up the books and remove old laws.  We must remove the ability for the lawmakers to prosecute any man or woman where there is no accuser pressing charges.  Law makers need to be held accountable to the people.  Though the United States is has a capitalistic economy, it was never intended that capitalism be introduced to the legal system.  A Law enforcing department is to be operated by the taxes allocated.  All fines generated must be diverted away from the department.  Such fines could be used to fund the homeless or other alternate venture to prevent financial motivation for penalty.  If the monetary rewards are removed from the justice system, and lawmakers and law enforcers are rewarded financially by their ability to create fairness for the citizens, and to conserve budget, I believe it may be possible to save the country in which we now live from a horrible fate.

Such could be implemented through a local "Citizens Oversight Comittee" who wear t-shirts as such, and take hold of the responsibility and with full authorization to inspect and follow any government office, regulator, or regulation imposed, and create a report as to the purpose and benefit of any and all actions.  All such reports to be available for public scrutiny with recommendations and plans of actions to curb problems, reduce budgets, and redirect motives made available.  No citizen should ever be burdened by the system that was intended to protect.  One individual who's life is lost due to faulty enforcement could and should lead to the family being compensated, and the department closed as a failure whilst a backup enforcement team travels to such location to provide stability during the new selection process.  

The medical system was recently restructured in a way that transformed the way things were handled, and limited costs that medical facilities could charge.  I believe the same motivation would be better applied to the legal profession.  The legal system should not be so complicated as to make citizens unable to plead their own case in court.  Much of the expense could be removed by allowing court to take place through software with videos and online submission.  This will allow the same software to provide guidelines to users that would offer legal advice, previous decisions and allow them to record their testimonies as to what they would like to say without risk of nervous testimony.  A case would be easy to decide based on the facts, and cases could be reviewed by judges or juries at home or in their private time.  Costs of expensive courthouses and structures could be removed from the public's pocketbook, and city structures could be turned into public venues:  business, park, or entertainment.  

These are some of my ideas.  What are some of yours?

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