Eustice Conway: Self Sufficient or Threat To Society?? A 16 Video Journey

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Eustace Conway (born Eustace Robinson Conway IV in 1961 in Columbia, South Carolina) is an American naturalist and the subject of the book The Last American Man byElizabeth Gilbert. He has also been the subject of Adventures In the Simple Life by Sarah Vowel on the weekly radio show, This American Life with Ira Glass. He is the owner of 1,000-acre (4.0 km2) Turtle Island Preserve in Boone, North Carolina. He is one of the featured personalities on the History channel show Mountain Men.

At age 17 Conway left home so that he could live in a tipi in the woods. He has hiked the entire Appalachian Trail and claims to have set the world record for crossing the United States on horseback from the Atlantic to the Pacific. However, according to the New York Times and Los Angeles Times of the day, as well as the book, Bud & Me, the record for crossing the North American continent on horseback was actually done in 62 days. This journey was made by Bud and Temple Abernathy, aged 11 and 7, who rode 3,619 miles (5,824 km) from New York to San Francisco on an equestrian journey, which started in August, 1911.[1][2][3][4]

The weekly radio show "This American Life" reported on Conway's cross country journey in the episode "Adventures in the Simple Life", which aired on September 11, 1998. The show uses recordings that were taped on a hand-held recorder by Conway and his party.[5]

A 2003 documentary film on Conway's life, Full Circle: A Life Story of Eustace Conway, was directed by Jack Bibbo. Conway is also one of four featured characters in the 2012 documentary film Reconvergence,[6] which was directed by Edward Tyndall.

Conway appeared in Mountain Men, a reality television series on the History channel.[7] The series focused on his daily life of performing his chores and preparing food for the coming winter.[8] Threatened by a lien against his land Conway fights to maintain ownership.[9]

In November, 2012, Turtle Island was forced to shut down public access because its traditional buildings violated building codes.[10] In mid-December, 2012 Conway appeared to make progress toward reaching a resolution with the North Carolina Building Code Council.[11] However, immediately following this apparent progress with the code council, Conway was arrested for trespassing on a neighbor's property in a dispute over the property border, continuing the legal challenges to Turtle Island.

If you will set aside the time to watch these videos of what he has discovered, what he has blessed others with, and what he has been through by local bureaucracy, I believe it will help each of us to understand what must be done to repair this great America.  It will give great perspective:

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