Teach Children To Value Nature. Here's One Way To Do It....

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In Tulsa Oklahoma, we have a terrific zoo.   We feel like it's "our zoo" because we've been annual members ever since our kids were babies.  We had a neighbor who fed the bears, and we have just felt a part of their system.  One neat program here at the zoo is our nature exchange.

It feels like it's ours because it's for the kids.  They get to come in and take what they want if they have enough points.  If they don't have enough points, we can go on a nature hunt to find things to bring in and get points so they can acquire the fossile or seashell, or whatever special piece they may desire.  

Watch the video with Langi Forringer, who tells us just how things work around here...

Be sure to check out Langi's Facebook page, and her Youtube Channel called Everything Nature!  

The kiddos value what they take with them, because they know they can bring it back later and trade up to a bigger treasure.  We learn to take care of what we have.  

I love the front of this rustic cabin building. 

Here's a wall of natural treasures they can browse through, handle, talk about, ask questions about, and even buy if they've traded enough of their treasures into the shop.  Mavrick want's everything, but he knows he has to earn it.

Here's a coconut for 8000 points

Ooh and a big pine cone!  

Notice the coral up top... as my eyes wader up to the awesome log architecture...

Here I am just admiring their log slatted windows

The mixture of logs and stone is awesome to say the least

Okay... let's see what other treasures we can find around here.....  go on.... turn to page 2....

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