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In 2003 we approached schools in the county with the idea of providing pure yet kid friendly meals at lunchtime. Today, we are happy to provide hot organic school lunch options to 1,300 kids a day at 14 schools in Marin (nine private and five public).

Good Earth makes kid-friendly foods from scratch each day, and we do not use individual packaging – instead, we use stainless steel serving pans. Four of the schools we serve have achieved zero lunch waste, that is 94% diversion from landfill.

The Good Earth Kitchen is a place where the magic of the harvest is transformed into healthy foods for our community’s children. It is a place where the core principles of health, strength, balance, good feelings and joyfulness intersect and make possible through food, the commitment to create a stronger, more conscious approach to sustainable life. Through the blessings of the earth and her children, the carrots and apples, creatures and flowers we awaken and remember how precious life is and make efforts to live long, responsible lives enveloped in Mother Earth’s arms. The time is now to educate and initiate our children into this consciousness and importance of healthy foods and through garden projects teach concepts of sustainability, which are a few of the keys to this generations successful future.

It has been with great intention and effort that Good Earth has developed an organic school lunch program and it is a fantastic program. We invite you to join us on this ecological journey into a bright future with strong, healthy children and greater awareness of the work ahead for all of us.

Good Earth strives to use 100% organically grown ingredients in all our food service and our School lunch program is no exception. For several reasons we sometimes fall short of that goal.

100% of our ingredients are organic with the following exceptions-

-Oven Roasted Turkey used in sandwiches, naturally raised by Diestel but turkeys are fed not organic grains.
-Italian Turkey Sausages, same birds as the Oven Roasted.
-Black Forrest Ham from Applegate, raised without hormones or antibiotics but not organic.
-Beef Burgers and all beef products from Marin Sun Farms- local and grass fed but not organic.
-Vegetable broth mix from Seitenbacher
-Taco Shells from Little Bear made with Organic Corn but not organic oil
-Single serve Clover milk at Larkspur schools is not organic by school request.
-Bagels from House of Bagels are served at several schools along with Good Earth lunch but are not organic.
-Pizza served at Larkspur schools is not organic from Stephano’s
-Pizza served at St. Anselm, Ross, and Cascade Canyon is not organic from Mountain Mike

All other schools get Good Earth Pizza which is all organic except for the baking yeast used.

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