5 Must See Floating Markets in Thailand: The Beauty Of Diversity

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Amphawa Floating Market

Amphawa Floating Market

A floating market is a market that is located next to a body of water and vendors sell things directly out of their boats.

Though some of the main waterways have since been filled in to make way for roads, Bangkok was once known as the Venice of Asia due to its extensive network of canals.

Many people got around by boat, or even went to the market to sell their goods directly from their boat.

What was once a normal way of life, floating markets throughout Bangkok have now turned into more of a novelty form of entertainment.

Floating markets are located throughout Bangkok and the surrounding provinces, and they are extremely popular to visit on the weekends for both locals and foreigners.

Nowadays the biggest attraction to a floating market in Thailand is the food that is cooked and served directly from a boat floating in the canal.

The markets also offer plenty of random trinket shopping and are just good places to walk around. If you wish, you almost always have the option of navigating the market on a personal boat tour as well.

Visiting a floating market on the weekend has become of the most popular things to do in Thailand. Here are 5 markets worth your time:

1. Amphawa (pictured above)

Easily the most popular market with Thai locals, Amphawa is an entire neighborhood community that turns into a Disneyland-like floating market on the weekends.

Tons of people escape Bangkok for the day and browse around the little stores and dine on the delicious food that is served from boats.

I was truly impressed by the parking lot of boats on the canal and the way they served food rapidly to all the demanding orders!

Don’t miss out on the grilled squid and the roasted shrimp!

Thailand Market

Damnoen Sduak Floating Market

2. Damnoen Saduak

Located about 1.5 hours from Bangkok is the most popular tourist floating market in Thailand known as Damnoen Saduak. Over the weekend, hordes of foreigners flood the market on organized tours.

Due to the massive crowds, and the over abundance of souvenirs, this is one of my least favorite floating markets.

However, if you hop in a canal boat, you can still manage to escape most of the traffic and reach some beautiful tree covered canal areas.

Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market

Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market

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