Zip Ties Make Great Snow Chains For Bicycles: True or False?

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Take that bike out of snow storage, people: the folks at Dutch Bike Co. have a handy way to give your two-wheeled ride some snow tires for cheap—all you need are zip ties!

The Seattle-based bike experts were looking for a good alternative to pricey studded tires when they happened upon this genius substitution. Just snap the ties on your wheels, clip off the excess, and you’re ready to go zipping through the winter wonderland covering much of the Northern Hemisphere right now.


The folks behind this genius discovery assure you that the zip ties will cut into snowy and icy surfacesenough to make sure you won’t go slip sliding away.

*NOTE: This will only work for bikes that have disc brakes. If your bike has cantilever brakes, wrapping zip ties around the rims will cause severe damage.

source:   Inhabitat

But after reading that, I saw this video, that changed my mind about that strategy:  

I suppose it could be re-thought, or make sure you have extra strong zip ties!

Yup, the best bicycle snow-riding solution, studs.  Home-made versions can be done.  Be sure you have a way to watch the above video if you want to try this at home.  It's a good example of how to do it well!  

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