Wood Burning Stove Made Out Of Old Tire Rims

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To round off the rims and make it easier to fit them together, Thompson cut a 3-in. wide strip off the top edge of the ash pit rim and the top firebox rim.

This step by step tutorial of How To Make A Fire Cookstove From Used Steel Car Rims is an intriguing do it yourself project that re-uses and up-cycles materials that would otherwise be in a junkyard into a portable cool looking cookstove. I am so thrilled with this outdoor wood fired cooking stove that uses the natural structure of the steel car rims as a stable place to put a cast iron skillet to cook.

An inexpensive and relatively easy way to make a barbecue grill or cook stove with two used steel car or truck rims. Steel tire rims can be found in neighbors yards, gas stations, the dump, scrap yards, newspapers and craigslist. Sometimes free, sometimes for a couple of dollars.

Just have the two halves welded together with the deep sides facing each other and the shallow sides facing out. Cut out a section in the side for wood or charcoal to be placed in side. You may have a friend, relative or neighbor who can do the welding and cutting for you. You can use a disc angle grinder to make the opening the size you would like. If not you could pay a local shop to do it or ask around, Some people do small repairs, and welding under the table.

How to make your own wood stove cooker using a couple of old car rims. A really easy welding project if you've treated yourself to a new welder. When you've finished celebrate with Bacon and Scotch! With a CAT! 

You can also make a grill like the last two pictures.

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