Wood Burning Stove Made Out Of Old Tire Rims

Categories: DIY

Some welding skills will be needed to build this wood burning stove using old tire rims. Once you build it, it should last many years. It is inexpensive to build (compared to a manufactured wood burning stove) and the metal in tire rims is very durable.

“It was cheap to build and will outlast any barrel stove by 10 to 20 years,” says Eric Thompson about the wood-burning “pot belly” stove he made by welding together three truck rims stacked on top of each other. His neighbor Chris Aman made a similar five-rim stove.

The two top rims on Thompson’s stove contain the firebox which accommodates logs up to 10 in. in diameter and 20" long. The bottom rim contains the ashpit. There are hinged doors in both the firebox and ashpit, and between them a grate which takes ad-vantage of the original lug bolt holes. The burner has an oval stove pipe and stands on legs made fromangle iron.

Thompson uses the stove to provide total heat for his two-bay shop. He says he got the “truck rim” stove idea from a friend who made a similar stove from old snap-ring type truck wheels.

“I was looking for an inexpensive way to make a shop stove. Those 55 gal. drum stoves are easy to build but they’remade of light metal and don’t last very long. Truck rims, on the other hand, are made of heat resistant, high carbon steel. I don’t see them ever burning out in my lifetime,” says Thompson.

His stove is made completely from scrap, including the 8.75 x 24.5 truck rims. “They had some cracks in them, which I welded shut. My only cost was for welding rod. It only took me about 45 hours to build the entire store.”

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