This VW Has A New Lease On Life

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The first generation of the Volkswagen Transporter certainly has a special place in the automotive history books. The bus has served many purposes ranging from the favorite machine of the hippie generation to a Gumball 3000 rally vehicle (OK, the Gumball version did have a Porsche engine).

It seems that some people have become so attached to the van that they’ve decided to have it in their home, converting it into a billiard table as billiardsforum reports.

The custom pool table came to life near Seattle, being built starting from a 1965 Micro Bus. The vehicle was chopped and shortened so that it would offer the normal size of a pool table.


The construction also included special materials, as the VW badge in the front is built from pearls and the rails from mahogany. The bus was even fitted with a household-compatible electrical installation. The headlights actually work if you connect the vehicle to a household outlet - could we call this a plug-in vehicle?

The vehicle is no longer functional, as its steering and engine have been removed in the building process. However, the table is registered as a trailer. It offers operational pockets but doesn’t include a ball return mechanism, also offering a storage space for billiard balls, cues and other necessary hardware. This is located under the engine flap (behind the license plate holder).

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