These Guys Built The Ultimate Party Pontoon For Summer Fun! And It Cost Almost Nothing!

Categories: DIY

As the summer months wane on and temperatures continue to climb, humans are forced to get creative if they want to stay cool.

But since we can’t all afford cool, sparkling pools orbeautiful, luxurious boats, it’s often much easier to just avoid the heat altogether and relax in the air-conditioned indoors.

However, some clever minds aren’t content with traditional answers to the sticky summer heat. Some people go above and beyond, seeking out new ways to enjoy some luxurious shade without breaking the bank.

Take, for instance, this brilliant group of young men. Looking for a way to enjoy the local lake, but without a boat or the means to buy one, they decided to rummage around and make do.


We started by taking the boards of bottoms of 8 pallets.

We broke up the rest of pallets to use as decking for the pontoon, as well as removing all old nails.

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