Water Leak Detection And Resolution

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Knowing how to take care of your home and maintain it is important, this article gives you some advice on how to act when having a water leak, stains of moisture or bad smell from pipes in your home.


The important thing in this case is knowing where the source of the problem is and repair it, as covering the stains without repairing the source will bring the problem back.

How will we do it? Following this order:

1. Observing the stain:

*Where is it? Is it in the bathroom, kitchen or any other room where there are water pipes? Is it on a wall or ceiling bordering the building envelope (façade, roof, etc)?

*How is it? Is it colored? Is it smelly? Is it always the same or it raise and decrease?

The location of the stain will give us clues to know where the source can be. If it is behind a wall containing pipes, it is probable that the source is in those pipes.  If it is behind an element through where rain water can filter (like under the roof), it is very probable that the moisture is caused by a waterproofing deficiency.

Besides, if the stain is colored or smelly, it means that we have a drain problem. If the stain is uncolored, it can mean that the leak  is in a clean water pipe.

2. Homemade tests:

Once we have observed the stain, we can test the pipes to confirm if the leak is in the pipe we think it is.

*If we think it’s in a clean water pipe:

We will close all the taps and control the water meter. If it runs will all the taps closed, it means that there is a leak in a clean water pipe.

In this case, we should close the shut-off valve, so the leak and the damages that are being caused will stop and then we can call a plumber to repair the fault.

*If we think it’s in a drainpipe:

We can pour water with colorant through the drainpipe where we think the breakage is to see if the stain gets colored.


Case 1:

Normally when we have a water leak, we can see the drip or water outlet where the breakage is located.

In this case, we must observe if the drip is constant or it is only produced when we use an appliance or we open a tap. If the drip is constant, the leak will be in a clean water pipe and in other case, it will be in a drainpipe.

We can make the same tests as in the case above (counter meter and colored water pouring)

Case 2:

Sometimes we know that there is a leak but the is no drip or stain. We know it because the water meter is running with all the taps closed, because the water bill is too high or, in case that we are controlling pressure, because it is decreasing.

In theses cases, we should call a plumber and he will:

*Break walls, floor… following the pipes until he finds the source of the leak


*Locate the source of the leak by pressure tests or trenchless leak location equipments


Bad smells coming from pipes can be caused by different reasons:

1. Drainage is blocked

2. There is no trap at the entrance of the drainpipe

3. Drainpipe breakage

First of all, we must check if there is a trap at the drainpipes entrances. When a trap is installed, we can see stopped water on the surface of the drainpipe, which avoid the bad smell coming up.

We also have to observe if the drainpipes are swallowing water correctly, because if they aren’t, it means that the drainpipe is blocked.

Whether  for a blockage,  lack of trap or breakage, we will have to call a plumber to solve the problem.

Sometimes it is not easy to find the cause of bad smell and the best solution is to make a video inspection of the inside of the pipes, that guarantees we will discover the problem.

If you don’t get to figure out where the source of the problem is by your own means, don’t hesitate and contact Grupo Repara. We will find it out using the newest trenchless technologies.

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