Ultimate List of Must-Have Homesteading Tools & Supplies

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Jesse and Alyssa and recently purchased 5 acres of land where they will be developing their off-grid homestead, 100% from scratch, debt-free! They are documenting their entire journey in hopes of helping others who wish to do something similar.

They’re often asked about which tools they use around their homestead, so they have created a helpful page of must-have homesteading tools & supplies that have helped them throughout there homesteading journey including tools, equipment, clothing, safety gear, cooking and more!

List of Favorite Tools & Supplies for Homesteaders

Tools & Equipment

best generator for homesteading Honda Handi 3000w Generator - We were torn between the portability of a 2400w generator and the usefulness of a 3000w generator. We didn't like the weight of the 3000w generators but it's really what we needed for our power needs and to be backup power for our future battery bank. We finally stumbled upon this generator while in a store and are happy we did because it's only 78lbs, has a wheel kit on it, and has been working wonderfully! Check out our Honda Handi 3000 watt generator review and other portable generator reviews.
Defiant Solar Powered Security Lights - We quickly realized that we needed some sort of security lighting on our property to deter thieves... and so that we could see at night when we come home! After some research we settled on this setup and it seems to be working well so far. Watch our Defiant solar powered security lights unboxing video.
Cobra Floating Walkie Talkies - We bought these walkie talkies for our big move to Idaho. For one, we knew we wouldn't have cell service the entire drive. Two, we also use these around our property all of the time. We have a big hill that sometimes one of us is on the other side of and it's easier to use walkie talkies than it is our cell phones. Read our full cobra floating walkie talkie review.
KFI 2500lb ATV Winch Kit - We were looking for a quality winch to attach to our four wheeler for use around the property. We weren't able to find any quality, used winches in a timely manner on Craigslist so we ended up buying this one new because it's so affordable. We will do a review of this product later. View our KFI ATV winch unboxing video.

Fiskars 36-Inch Splitting Axe with Sheath - We picked up this axe and have been loving it. The best part of all is that it comes with a carrying case. Many people also report that they have excellent customer service and stand behind their warranty. View ourFiskars axe unboxing video (yes, you can unbox an axe!).

Flexible Multi-Purpose Strong Silicone Rubber Cable Tie Set - These things are awesome. I'm not sure where Jesse picked them up, but we use them to attach anything to anything. Right now we love it for attaching things to our ATV when we go out into the woods, such as our axe.
1,000lb Ratchet Straps - It seems that we use these daily whether it be to keep trees from falling on the neighbor's vehicles, strapping on the generator to the ATV to take it up the hillside to work, or picking up second-hand materials that we find on Craigslist. Don't both with the cheap flimsy ones when you really need something strong and trustworthy.
IRWIN 12-Inch Bar Clamps - We use these clamps on a very frequent basis when we are building and working on the homestead. Whether we are using them to hold lumber together on our hot tub deck or to keep lumber from slipping around on our sawhorses, they seem to come in handy.
Black & Decker 2-Speed 20v Cordless Drill - Jesse used this drill for 9 years before it crapped out which is pretty good for a low-end cordless drill! We just recently bought another one because the on-off switch went bad. The new one works just as good. We may want to upgrade to a higher-end cordless drill later on in this journey, but for now this one has been serving us just fine and it's budget-friendly for most people and beginner homesteaders.Check out our unboxing video here.
Oregon Felling Wedges - We picked these up for tree felling and they've been working wonderfully. We also use these when using our Alaskan chainsaw mill to support the lumber that has been cut so that our saw stays straight.
Milk Crate Storage Bins - As you will see in numerous videos, we use these for multiple purposes. We attached two of these to our four wheeler as when the four wheeler goes it, it's simply for work and we want many tools within an arm's reach. It's really helpful for tree felling and milling lumber. We also have these in our cars for tools, storage, organization, etc. It really helps us to find what we need quickly.
5/16" Tow Chain - We primarily bought this tow chain for winching trees to our bucking stands. Trees rarely fall exactly where we want to mill them, and we aren't about to hurt our backs trying to move 8' sections of trees ourselves. We also use this to hoist the tree sections into the bucking stands. Later, we will likely use this for maneuvering parts of our timber frame barndominium and house.
Makita XT257T 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Combo Kit, 2-Piece - After our BRAND NEW Black and Decker Cordless Drill kicked the bucket (the charger broke immediately due to it being fragile), we were in search of something higher-quality that would allow us to work endlessly day after day. We splurged on this Makita set and are LOVING IT! The impact driver is so awesome! We recommend this set for anyone who does anything bigger than small diy home projects. Ours came with two extra 3Ah batteries. The 4Ah batteries charge in just 40 minutes so the batteries are outrunning us by far! Our drill even took a tumble off of a 15' ladder and survived the fall. Two thumbs up so far but a full review will follow. Watch our Makita combo kit unboxing on YouTube.
Milwaukee 15.0 Amp Super Sawzall Reciprocating Saw - This was given to use by Jesse's dad and has come in handy, especially when it comes to demolitions! We were able to salvage a bunch of materials in the few days before a demolition and because we had a Sawzall (can cut through just about anything) we were able to salvage a bunch of 1x12 cedar sheathing which saved us hundreds of dollars compared to buying it new. A hammer and cat's paw simply would not do the trick. This Sawzall was a lifesaver. A must-have for any homestead.
craftsman table saw - great homestead tool Craftsman 10" Table Saw - We use this tool frequently on our homestead, especially when it comes to milling our own lumber! When we mill lumber with an Alaskan chainsaw mill, it comes off in large slabs which then need to be cut to dimension. Running the slabs through this table saw works really great to get the dimensional lumber we need.
combination square for homesteading 12" Combination Square - This is a great "all around" tool to have on the homestead. We use it for all kinda of things... milling lumber, leveling posts, leveling squares, measuring quickly and more. It seems to come out on every project for one thing or another.
wood chisels Wood Chisel Set - Wood chisels are another great tool to have while homesteading. We frequently need to chisel out sections of wood when building, especially when practicing our timber framing skills.
arrow heavy duty staple gun Arrow Heavy Duty Staple Gun - This isn't something we use daily, or on all projects, but it's another must-have tool for your homestead toolbox. It's great for holding things up temporarily or permanently, like tarps or insulation!
stanley socket wrench set Stanley Socket Wrench Set - You never know when you'll need a socket wrench so this is a great kit to have on hand.
combination wrench set Combination Wrench Set - This combination wrench set is great because it has wrenches from 1/4 inch all the way up to 1 inch, and many in between!
allen wrench set Allen Wrench Set - These are great for driving screws and bolts that have a hexagonal socket in the head.
utility knife Retractable Utility Knife - Having a couple utility knives on hand is always a great idea. They can be used to cut boxes, score materials, cut insulation, and the list goes on and on.
wire strippers Wire Strippers - If you have a homestead, or are simply a homeowner, then it's a matter of time before you need to do some wire work and you'll want a good pair of wire strippers.
tape ruler Stanley 25-Foot Tape Ruler - We love this tape ruler and use it on every project.
100' tape measure 100' Tape Measure - This is really great for property use when the 25' tape measure just won't cut it. We use this when planning larger building projects such as the foundation for a hot tub, barn or house. We also used it simply to measure the usable space on our property.
outdoor extension cord 100' Extension Cord - We use extension cords on a daily basis... mostly because we are off grid and running off of our generator at the moment... we need to be able to get power exactly where we need it!

Workwear & Clothing

When you’re working on a homestead and doing a lot of labor, quality clothing is a must. You will need clothing that is durable, comfortable and prioritizes your safety. Below are pieces of clothing or workwear we are finding to be extremely practical on our homestead (and we go through a lot of it!).

Mechanix Original Work Gloves - Jesse has been using the same pair of these work gloves for over a year, and in glove-life, this is a long time! We bought some heavy-duty leather gloves from Home Depot and they lasted under a week before getting a rip on the finger. These are machine-washable, durable, comfortable and have great sensitivity / touch so that you can actually pick out screws from your pockets!
Georgia Boot Romeo Slip-On Work Shoe - Jesse was in need of a quality slip-on work shoe as his Sketchers weren't cutting it. He wanted a boot with stitching so that they were repairable, a heavy sole to keep things from penetrating his foot, slip-on was critical so that he could jump in and out of them quickly so that they didn't have to come in the RV, had to have good tread, wanted the leather to be nice-quality so that they would last a long time, and these shoes fit the bill. Jesse recommends to order them 1/2 size too big so that you can wear them with a thicker sock in winter. They also take some time to break in so be sure to wear a thicker sock the first couple of times so that they stretch out a hair. Watch our Georgia Boot Romeos unboxing on YouTube.
Smart Wool Merino Wool Midweight Baselayer - This is the exact baselayer Alyssa wears almost daily as soon as fall arrives in the Pacific Northwest! She gets cold extremely easily and this is her favorite base layer to wear. It's made from merino wool which is extremely soft. Combine this with a fleece, jacket, merino wool socks, and a beanie, and she is warm and toasty all winter long (but she still loves sitting by the fire and retreating to the warm RV...)
Down Booties - These don't really have to do with working, but when you live off-grid and heat isn't an abundant resource (such as if you're living in an RV), or if you simply get cold all of the time like Alyssa, down booties are a must. She stumbled upon these last year and wears them daily in cold weather. She feels the need to scream about down booties from the roof top because they are just THAT awesome.
Earflap Wool Hat - When you're working in a cooler climate, it's critical to keep your head warm. We have warmer-weather beanies, but we both have wool hats with earflaps. These are great for when the sun goes down and we're still working when we can see our breath!
Sherpa-Lined Sandstone Sierra Carhartt Jacket - Alyssa found this jacket on her journey of learning how to dress warm in winter. She came into this journey with a Northface jacket that just wasn't doing the trick in single-digit weather. By wearing Smartwool long underwear, a fleece, and this sherpa-lined Carhartt jacket, she stays nice and toasty which increases productivity around the homestead! View the womens Carhartt jacket unboxing!
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