Unused Space Turned Into A Beautifiul Loft

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Haven’t you been staring at that double ceiling in your home and thought, such big empty space that doesn't do anything for the home. Have you been craving for a room in which you can do all of your work or have a designated place for your kid to play, but your home doesn’t have the space for it?

The project we are bringing you today is from the owners of a townhouse, en they just had the most amazing idea! They’ve created a den/loft that can function as a place for play for the kids or as an office, taking advantage of that double ceiling entrance.

This great example of how you can make use of every inch of your home can be furnished with a nice cabinet, desk and plenty of toys. The workload is substantial, with all the installation of the floors, support beams and railing, but the paint job is already done, making it much easier than a complete overhaul of a regular room. A few decorations in place and the creative loft is now completed. Check out the pictures. It looks truly amazing and inspiring! Before & After !!!! 

via GoodsHomeDesign

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