Tree Stump Lamps Provide Beautiful Light And The Creativity Of Natural Beauty

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Who knew tree stumps could have so many uses! Tasmanian furniture designer Duncan Meerding transformed ordinary tree stumps into gorgeous, weather-resistant lamps that can double as indoor and outdoor tables and stools,. The cracks in the timber of the Log Light illuminate an entire area with shards of light coming from warm LED strip lights fitted into the volume.

Meerding, who is legally blind, created the Stump: The Cracked Log Table/Stool by drawing inspiration from nature.

 LED strips were placed into the salvaged timber and fitted into the lamp in a custom fixture.

The dimensions of the pieces vary depending on the nature of the material, but most measure approximately 400mm in height and 300mm in width and can be wired to 12 Volt DC power supplies in any setting, both indoors and outdoors.

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