Cowboy Makes These Western Masterpieces From Scraps And Tools! (26 images, 3 videos)

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All images: John Lopez

A man of many talents, South Dakota Born Cowboy, John Lopez had learned the art of making bronze sculptures, and had  made a career of it.  After his beloved aunt passed away, he went to build a family cemetary plot on his widowed uncle's ranch.  As he assembled the gate, he ran out of material and went to a scrapyard to find more.  What he found lead him to weld and create an angel on the entrance.  From there, his mind opened to the possibilities of what he could build from mere scraps, and his mind went wild!  Today his pieces are featured around the country, and the images and their stories are neatly compiled in a coffee table book he makes available to the public.  


The real excitement of his work is locating and discovering all the creative things he used to build the works, such as this beautiful Fresian Horse below, where you can see what appears to be a muffler on his neck, and the harrow disks on the side of his body for cover.  What do you find in some of the beautiful works below?  

All images: John Lopez

“Texas Longhorn”

On the Texas Longhorn, I see the Lone Star of Texas, country music exemplified by the instruments, what looks like leather strips all over, rope for a tail, and a whip on his leg.  Keep looking.... what else on there?

All images: John Lopez

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