She uses old end tables to create something SO ADORABLE - I just have to do this!

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Is there an old end table you have lying around your garage somewhere? Maybe it hasn't necessarily made it's way to the garage yet but it's tucked away in a corner of your house just waiting to be replaced. Well, good news, you can repurpose your old end table and make it a beautiful little bed for your pet!

It's simple and it will look elegant in your home. I don't know how I haven't done this for my dog already.


- End table

- 4 bun feet

- 2 - 4 wooden finials

- Plywood board

- Paint

- 1 Pillow

1. Grab your old end table.



2. With the table standing on it's legs, drill four holes along the four outside corners of the table and screw in four bun feet. (This will keep the table steady and lifted when you flip the table over.)



3. If you would like to add a headboard piece to your table, use a piece of plywood to cut a rectangular piece the size of the width of your table. You can also cut the two legs opposite to the headboard piece if you don't want the bed to have a canopy feel to it. Wooden finials can be used to decorate the corners of the bed. Otherwise, you can keep the legs as is.


Lucy Designs

4. Now comes the fun part. Cover the table with a base coat of paint and begin decorating the piece by adding your accent colors.


Lucy Designs


Lucy Designs


Lucy Designs

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